Response Trailers

If you have a trailer that you use for storing and transporting your honor guard equipment, could you share with the group your equipment list and possible how you came to decide on the configuration of the interior and what went into the exterior design. Have you had to deveolop any policies? Who transports the unit? Thanks.


5 Responses to Response Trailers

  1. Bonser says:

    Here in Nebraska we have a LODD response trailer. It is equipped with a cache of HG equipment, white gloves, badge shrouds and a casket for practice etc… We installed Gorilla storage racks on two walls so secure our equipment. Upon request to I will email you a complete inventory list, inside/outside photos as well as all of our equipment loan forms, damage reports, check out, return forms ands storage MOU’s.

    Make it safe!

  2. Jim McLoughlin says:

    The info you have may benefit our group. If you could email it to me, we’d appreciate it. Thanks

    Jim McLoughlin

  3. Tom Benjamin says:

    I would be very interested in learning how you purchased/obtained the trailer? I have not tried hard at this point, with the economy in mind – however donations obviously would play a big role!

  4. Mark Klose says:

    Tom if your interested in trailer information please feel free to give me a call @ 603-792-1372 or email me at Thanks Mark Klose NH LAST Team

  5. Thank you guys so much for your service. If you ever need a bugler for your unit, please contact me and I will do what ever I can to help.

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