Non Service Related Requests

There have been a  number of opportunities for our Honor Guard to present and post colors at events that have nothing to do with the Fire Service. How do you handle these requests and where do you draw the line, so as not to burn out your membership?


3 Responses to Non Service Related Requests

  1. Tom Benjamin says:

    We gauge them by pretty much who’s asking. Not real scientific, but we too have had requests from weddings, to pro baseball & football games. Unless its a firefighter wedding, we don’t do it. Pro games – sure we go, the exposure is tremendous!

    My guys seem to not have much trouble saying whether they think its worthy or not.

  2. Tom Benjamin says:

    I just remembered that City of Columbus (Ohio) Fire Honor Guard has a nice “flow chart” of where they will take the Guard. It can be found online at:

  3. Jason Burrow says:

    Any detail request we receive gets sent to the Fire Chief for approval. This covers our folks to adjust schedules, hire back overtime if needed and so forth. I will say that we poll the group to at least ensure we have folks in the hopper to cover it once the boss says go.

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