Response Trailers

March 23, 2009

If you have a trailer that you use for storing and transporting your honor guard equipment, could you share with the group your equipment list and possible how you came to decide on the configuration of the interior and what went into the exterior design. Have you had to deveolop any policies? Who transports the unit? Thanks.


NFFF Memorial Weekend

March 22, 2009

Have you ever wondered who the people are that serve on the Honor Guard during the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Weekend? Are you interested in serving on the Honor Guard during the NFFF Memorial Weekend? You can express your interest by emailing Just let us know, by replying to this post as well.

Non Service Related Requests

March 22, 2009

There have been a  number of opportunities for our Honor Guard to present and post colors at events that have nothing to do with the Fire Service. How do you handle these requests and where do you draw the line, so as not to burn out your membership?